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Do you wish you could be yourself with your family or friends?
Do you wish you could be more free and honest about your thought and perspectives? Do you wonder what other people are thinking about you? 

Within the pages of Breaking Normal you’ll find your personal retreat experience in its most powerful, dynamic and raw form. The practices and exercises are designed to help you reach deep into your very Soul and claim your best dream for yourself and your family.

This book simply shares what Daniel does to ultimately create a safe place for fun, adventure, healing and transformation. He invites you to sample what it means to be raw and vulnerable, excited and glowing in the sacred knowledge that your future is whatever you imagine it to be.




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JP SEARS \\ ultra spiritual guru

"I've been very blessed to benefit from the gifts of Daniel Eisenman. Two of his greatest gifts that have really helped me in my life are the limitlessness of his thinking, and his willingness to embrace being uncomfortable. Brené Brown has said, "He or she who is willing to be most uncomfortable is not only the bravest but also rises the fastest." I think Daniel's greatest gift actually is facilitating this in other people and supporting them while they're doing it. The first day I met him I was very inspired to start my own youtube channel as a way of supporting my business, and coupled with learning how to think more limitlessly & going beyond the levels of my comfort youtube channel has not only grown to 89,000 subscribers, but I'm on the verge of signing a book & television deal that sprung from my youtube channel. Will Daniel be able to help you grow beyond your comfort zone and get more limitless in your thinking?! I don't know? All I know he has helped me tremendously with my life."

Amanda Ranae \\ Heart consultant for high performing business owners and CEO's

"Daniel is by far one of the most liberating people I know. One weekend with him completely and radically changed my perspective on myself and life. I got to confront the fears and insecurities I had had my entire life and never been willing to admit to myself. I've been in the game of authenticity and vulnerability for about 8 years, and I had a feeling I had gone as far as I could go, but being with Daniel for one weekend absolutely blew my previous experiences out of the water. If you think there could be more to life but you're not quite sure how to get there, I urge you to go spend time with Daniel and work with him"

Brandon Hawk \\ Founder of YouTraining

"I endorse this man. He's the real deal and a true "freedom catalyst." I love that he has these amazing ideas and amazing concepts.  He is pioneering in the way that he thinks, but he's not just a teacher:  he's a man that wants to experience these ideals, and experience these concepts, get his hands dirty with them and then take us ALL on that same journey and that same ride. I love that he wants to include the planet on his ways of freedom. Thank you for pushing the engine and pushing the envelope and thank you for taking us with you. You truly are a Freedom Catalyst."