Monthlong Virtual Dream retreat

Lucid Living - Conscious Dreaming

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ready to dream on purpose?

Diana and I are finally teaming up on purpose and this is our new baby.

The Dream Retreat will start April 18th and only 10 spots are available for anyone ready to live with maximum levels of vitality while they are awake & even while they are sleeping. 

This experience will include bi-weekly video webinar calls, a secret mastermind group using the Breaking Normal APP, and even an option for an in-person immersion experience where we will break the addiction to approval and any lingering unconscious conditioning that may be getting in the way of your growth.  In short, we will illuminate any areas where you may be holding yourself back.

Become stronger than your eNvironment..

What is wanting to be birthed and what is wanting to live through you.

Awake or 'asleep' we will be diving into the subconscious and explore what your dreams are really telling you.

Are you looking to improve your health and physical being? Up-level your communication and build REAL-ationships with yourself and others? Uncover multiple ways to get paid to pursue your passion? Learn how to become stronger than your environment and let go of social conditioning to activate and share your inner genius? 

Are you wanting to learn how to dream or explore the dream world (night dreaming) in a new way and learn ways to incorporate dreaming as part of your daily practice for increased vitality? 

we're here to support you where you deserve it most



Daniel Eisenman

If you have an inkling there are any invisible bars left to a self-imposed prison, I'm here to show you the key you already have. Some say my "trigger shops" are magic; others think they are scary, and almost everyone would agree on the liberating power of them. 

Whether your after financial freedom, REALationships, &/or to be the healthiest you've ever been, I can get you to remember & love your wild innerchild, so that the only limitation is your imagination. Why settle for the moon if Heaven is here?! Let's celebrate ...even it's a bit funcomfortable to live without limits. Freedom On! 

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Your Night coach

Diana Eisenman

Ever considered that you could be the most awake while you're sleeping? Roaming the many realms, my philosophy is to live a balanced life between realities and I'm here as your night coach to help you live while you sleep.

If you're not dreaming, you could be missing out on 1/3 of your life and so my desire is to show you ways to be proactive in creating dreams at night that carry over into the waken dream of life.

Where ever you are on this path of dreaming, (not dreaming at all, don't remember, marathon dreamer, lucid dreamer) we will explore what messages are really wanting to come through and how to work with them.


This virtual dream retreat has been designed to create the most amount of self-confidence & awareness when it comes to the waken world AND the nightly dream world.


Cheers to dreaming awake & living lucid.

Start Breaking Normal & reserve your spot below.