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LATEST Episode

Episode 10 - Ryan Moran - Righteous Atheist and Conscious Capitalist

Episode 01 - JP Sears - How He Launched His Comedic Career

Check out the pilot episode of the Breaking Normal podcast with Ultra Spiritual guest JP Sears where we discuss a range of topics including how he launched his stand-up comedy career at the first International Tribe Design, the difference between shame and guilt, what laws and rules may be holding you back from living in your domain of genius, and so much more.

Catch the rapid fire question and answer period toward the end where I ask JP the one question he has never been asked before.

Episode 02 - Jordan Bowditch - A Playful Polarity in Creating Truth

Catch the second episode of the Breaking Normal Podcast with Co-founder and COO of the Mystic Misfits, Jordan Maurice Bowditch. In this episode we talk about Christianity (was Jesus the original misfit?).

How much different does the sociopolitical landscape look when we view the world from the level of creative understanding in contrast to a paradoxical/metaphorical/literal perspective?

Episode 03 - Diana Eisenman - Professional Dreamer & Queen Bee

This episode, with my beautiful wife, Diana, invites you to experience an esoteric navigation of the dream world, as we dive deep into a new age conversation on manifesting while we sleep.

By the end of this episode you will have a much better idea why I chose Diana to be my Queen Bee and partner in life.

It’s been said that behind every great man is a great woman. I concur!

Episode 04 - Brandon Hawk - Manifesting the New Rich Energy by Eating Your Emotions

.Join master heart pro coach Brandon Hawk and myself as we explore the nature of our emotional ties to money, happiness, and success.

As society shifts toward a resource based economy, our idea of wealth is changing along with it and feeling all that we are may be conducive how we receive and hold energy.

Learn some practical tools to quantum leap yourself into your next level of prosperity.

Episode 05 - Austin Hawk - A Young Man’s Growth & Perspective

As a father, I sometimes wonder if we have more to learn from our children than they do from us. Check out this episode with a fourteen-year-old Indigo Child, Austin Hawk, as we re-member the ‘stranger things’ in life.

Within this episode, we share an intrigue regarding physical, mental, emotional, conscious, and spiritual components of the various stages of life.

Tune in to the maturity and poise of this Self-Actualizing student of life

Episode 06 - Hal Elrod - A Miracle Morning and Life

My sixth podcast guest, the amazing Hal Elrod, has lived one of the most astounding lives filled with ups and downs (objectively, anyhow, through a collective lense)! You won’t hear it from him though, as he shares his keen insight with the enthusiasm required to thrive after a near death experience at 20 and his triumph over cancer.

Hal wrote The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transform Your Life (Before 8AM), one of my favourite books, which is why I chose to name my morning ritual after it.

Episode 07 - Kevin Orasz - SYNCHRONICITY with the (R)Evolutionary Misfit

Catch a wave in this seventh episode of the Breaking Normal 12 Days of Christmas Podcast special with myself and Mystic Misfit #2 on the panel of guests, as we surf the ocean of consciousness.

.Halfway through, our discussion breaks out into an impromptu freestyle session. Befittingly, as the theme of synchronicities and flow states guides us to real-eyes and re-member that we are practitioners blurring lines where we are free to co-create whatever kind of experience we can imagine.

Episode 08 - PaleoF(x) - An Insight Into Ayahuasca and It’s Healing Powers

Listen to the incredible stories of Michelle and Keith Norris, co-founders of Paleo f(x)™.

In this episode, my queen bee, Diana, joins us to discuss the mysterious properties of plant medicines and you won’t believe how many ceremonies our guests have participated in.

Episode 09 - Jon Vronman - How To Be a Front Row Dad

What happens when two unique individuals from similar walks of life meet for the first time and record a podcast as they get to know each other?

Well this episode is a prime example of that.

Listen to Jon share how he walked away from his corporate career while building a non-profit charity and a thriving key-note speaking business.