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This podcast immediately goes on every time I get into my car. The first word that comes to mind when describing this podcast: Profound.
— brittaimone
With so many podcasts out there, so many blend together. Just take one look at his guests, and the topics discussed... and you will quickly realize this isn’t your typical diluted podcast subject matter.
— Tator Todd

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LATEST Episode

#33 Dr. Bryan Kansas | Biohacking for Boners Over Beer

This is the podcast that breaks normal even for the Breaking Normal Podcast standards!

In this episode, I dive deep into sexual biohacking using GAINSWave, the importance of male sexual health and a ton of other cool stuff with Dr. Bryan Kansas of Urology Austin, PLLC.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the things we spoke about:

1.      Will a completely vegan diet hurt your sex drive?

2.      Why biohackers like Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield are using soundwaves for better boners.

3.      What happens to our testosterone as we age, and the best solutions to boost it.

4.      Why every man alive will experience erectile dysfunction at some point.

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Top 10 episodes

so far…

#1 How JP Sears launched his comedic career | JP Sears

The FIRST episode of the Breaking Normal Podcast with my amazing friend JP Sears as we explore approaching time, shame, guilt, laws, and what in the world PSP’s are… By the end we rapid fire questions / answers to showcase our most genuine thoughts in the moment. How do you Break Normal in your everyday lifestyle?

#13 Gaming Vs. Playing & Porn Vs. Sex | Rafe Kelley

Rafe Kelley, a coach who assists people to open to their empowered state through pure, natural, & instinctive movement. The benefits of something so natural, yet seemingly forgotten in today's society, is astounding and explored today.


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#3 Professional Dreamer & Queen Bee | Diana Eisenman

Our third episode with Diana Eisenman, 'my' wife. She is her own entity and individual and if you wonder why I quoted 'my' above, you will DEFINITELY hear as you tune in to this episode. We dive into dreams, REAL-ationships, and speak on to run into an unexpected bump in the road that often we have found, may lead to something greater. Have you run into difficulties that have ultimately masked a greater purpose or catalyzed an epic event in your life?

#6 Hal Elrod | A Miracle Morning

Author of 'The Miracle Morning' Hal Elrod. I am going to break my own normal right now, as the producer of this podcast. The energy emitted from the words exchanged in conversation between Daniel & Hal has brought me a ton of insight on life, both physical and emotional. These two JUST met and created synergy that inspired me to take action HERE. How have you taken action to better your experience in your life?

#18 Ignite Your Intuition by Ignoring Others Opinions | Greg Koch Founder of Stone Brewing

Special Guest - Greg Koch, founder of Stone Brewing and an amazing person to hold a conversation with. His intuition is what led him to become a major player in the brewing world, and his ability to tune out others opinions and listen to his heart is what gave him the perspective to create his success. 



#23 Preston Smiles | Question Your Answers

Preston Smiles, a source for INSPIRATION, LOVE, and EMPOWERMENT. He can breakdown large concepts and puts them into actionable steps you can apply now.

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#22 Eric Neff | LA Criminal Defense Attorney

Eric Neff, Criminal Defense Attorney for the Los Angeles District Attorney Office, interrogates me today about my past, present & future. In a change in pace, we BREAK NORMAL, by switching roles... I am not asking the questions here, he most definitely is.

#29 Kyle Kingsbury | Polyamory, Polar Plunging, Psychedelics, Vaccines & God

Kyle Kingsbury brings the absolute fire today, and there is no other way to prove that then by checking it out FIRST HAND!

Kyle Kingsbury Podcast Episode Suggestion! Follow this link HERE

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#12 A Profound & Powerful Woman | Ellen Smoak

Ellen is best known for her ability to teach you how to access your power, remove inner barriers, and increase your self-worth. Her articles and advice have been featured on major media outlets, including ABC, NBC, Yahoo and FOX, and her coaching programs have helped tens of thousands of people to get unstuck, increase their happiness, and find their soulmates.


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