jp sears \\ ultra spiritual guru

"I've been very blessed to benefit from the gifts of Daniel Eisenman. Two of his greatest gifts that have really helped me in my life are the limitlessness of his thinking, and his willingness to embrace being uncomfortable. Brené Brown has said, "He or she who is willing to be most uncomfortable is not only the bravest but also rises the fastest." I think Daniel's greatest gift actually is facilitating this in other people and supporting them while they're doing it. The first day I met him I was very inspired to start my own youtube channel as a way of supporting my business, and coupled with learning how to think more limitlessly & going beyond the levels of my comfort zone...my youtube channel has not only grown to 89,000 subscribers, but I'm on the verge of signing a book & television deal that sprung from my youtube channel. Will Daniel be able to help you grow beyond your comfort zone and get more limitless in your thinking?! I don't know? All I know he has helped me tremendously with my life."

jake ducey \\ authour and motivational speaker www.jakeducey.com

"One of my best friends, Daniel Eisenman, has been two or three of the most profound inspirations in my entire life comparably so to some of the biggest names in the inspiration & motivation industry. He opened me up to a deeper level to get in touch with my heart, and my own transparency & honesty which has profoundly impacted my love relationship. It's never been better. If you have not met the guy...Amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing all the types of experiences he gets into during this life. "

Amanda ranae \\ Heart consultant for high performing business owners and CEO's

"Daniel is by far one of the most liberating people I know. One weekend with him completely and radically changed my perspective on myself and life. I got to confront the fears and insecurities I had had my entire life and never been willing to admit to myself. I've been in the game of authenticity and vulnerability for about 8 years, and I had a feeling I had gone as far as I could go, but being with Daniel for one weekend absolutely blew my previous experiences out of the water. If you think there could be more to life but you're not quite sure how to get there, I urge you to go spend time with Daniel and work with him"

RACHEL BALKOVEC \\ first female strength and conditioning coach in professional baseball

"Daniel and Diana really stood out to me.  The light that they brought to the group and the things they had to share and contribute were just earth-shattering for me. Coming from a person who prides herself on the empowerment of others and being able to inspire others to move, Daniel is one of the most moving people I've ever met. He's a pure inspiration of complete and utter practicing what you preach and doing what you're saying. He inspired me to do many things, not the least of which is to live my life in a better way and to elevate my standards for how I live"


"I endorse this man. He's the real deal and a true "freedom catalyst." I love that he has these amazing ideas and amazing concepts.  He is pioneering in the way that he thinks, but he's not just a teacher:  he's a man that wants to experience these ideals, and experience these concepts, get his hands dirty with them and then take us ALL on that same journey and that same ride. I love that he wants to include the planet on his ways of freedom. Thank you for pushing the engine and pushing the envelope and thank you for taking us with you. You truly are a Freedom Catalyst."


"I'm a huge fan of Daniel. In fact, he taught me how to be truly authentic and honest. I interviewed him on my podcast, and he taught me to always to speak the truth..even it's awkward or uncomfortable...because of that, I've been able to have much deeper and more enriching relationships. If you're thinking about working with Daniel...make sure you do it."

Samuel hoover poppe \\ AUThor & Daniel's not so ghost writer

"Daniel Eisenman could have been many things—a lawyer, doctor, detective, etc.—but none of these would have allowed him to unlock his most potent gift of all, which is unlocking yours, and then catalyzing you to live your dreams. He does that first by consciously and intentionally living his own—going to the places and doing the things he loves to do, things that keep him in his natural state of divine brilliance, infinite intelligence, and unavoidably successful; and then by teaching what he has learned. He is a lifelong student and teacher. One of the biggest things I can say for him is this: that he is impeccable with his word; and that he inspires you, like no one else can, to go all in—on yourself, and on your life."

Frank jay porcaro \\ Motivational speaker - www.frankjayporcaro.com

"Daniel is a freedom Catalyst by nature. He is a creative thinker and has a centered and playful heart. He is generous in his pursuit to help you maximize your life and business and his coaching has made me a better man both professionally and personally. I recommend him to anyone that is looking to discover their passion and their full-time living while playing and having a lot of fun. Frank Jay Porcaro"

Zechariah William

"Daniel Eisenman's impact on my life can not be put into words. To understand, you would have had to trade places with me a few years ago, be stuck in the mental imprisonment that I lived most my life in, and then experience the transformation I had when our paths finally crossed. I could say that he literally rescued me from a re-occurring nightmare that I was living, but a more appropriate truth is to say that he catalyzed me into being able to rescue myself. I always knew that I had a lot of potential, and he helped me realize that it was even higher than I imagined. I love Daniel Eisenman's for giving me back my freedom and inspiring me to carry on the torch!"

Thomas Casey 

"This guy has such a radical and unique way of living, and through that example he draws the potential out of people.  He has this unique way of seeing how people limit themselves in their own heads. Daniel has a unique ability to catalyze success and to catalyze potential."


"When you spend time with Dan, you're gonna learn about your gifts, your greatest contributions to the world, and what you're exceptional at.  You're gonna feel empowered, inspired and stoked to share them with as many people as you can...because that's what Dan does."



"Immediately I was drawn to [Daniel]--who he was, his mind and what he stood for, his honesty and his radical way of living, his stepping out in faith, his standing out, not being shy, and speaking his thoughts. He recognizes his fear, but doesn't let it dictate his life. He is such a trustworthy and loyal individual, and he's one of my favorite people to talk to because I love the way his brain operates at such a high level. He's not afraid to call you out on the things that might be hindering you from living a life of true abundance and freedom. He is definitely a Freedom Catalyst."

Catarina Jimenez \\ FoUNDER of ecofitness adventures

"You can sense [in Daniel] some sort of interior peace and happiness and joy, and [he is] just a wonderful being to have in your life. I adore what he does and applaud everything he's involved in. I can guarantee you that having Daniel in your life will make your life a lot better."