Learn to speak in the 'truth tense'

Are you ready for a radical conversation about communication?

Better, yet … are you ready to upgrade your communication so you can improve your relationships with yourself and others?

Here is a cool upgrade to ponder, found in my new book, Breaking Normal: ReWild Your Inner Child and Set the Truth Free.

Anything you don’t want in your life, speak about it in the past tense. Even if it was five minutes ago, five seconds ago, even if you are still feeling the undesirable feeling the moment you open your mouth to speak—put it in the past. Technically it is the past, because as soon as you say it, it’s over, the moment has passed. Conversely, the things you do want in your life, speak about them in the present.

First person, present tense gives me power over everything, including my perceptions of what is happening in the moment, my decisions about life and love, my reactions to stimuli and how I choose to interpret the actions of others. That, my friend, is how I am in charge of ME.

When I hear people speak in this way, I hear individuals who stand apart from their surroundings, individuals with integrity, meaning they are whole, unimpaired, of sound mind and body. When I speak this way myself, I establish that inch of breathing room, that inch of choice and eternity between me and my circumstances.